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Design Process
Design Process
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Pat Gawle
The Hand-Painted Tile Process:

Each tile mural begins as an original drawing created by the artist in her studio for a specific type of application. Patricia then transfers her original artwork onto high-fired ceramic floor or wall tiles. Colored ceramic glazes are then painted on in layers to create depth and luminescence upon firing. Each hand-painted tile creation is then fired for 7 hours to a temperature of almost 1900 degrees, which make them extremely durable and weather resistant; useable in wall and floor applications both indoors and out. We donít use any unfired paint or epoxy or low-fired china paints.

Most of the pieces you see have been produced using 6"x 6" tiles. Work can also be produced on 4" x 4" tiles.

Kitchen and bar area before...
Kitchen and bar before
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Kitchen and bar area after...
Kitchen and bar after
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Before tile backsplash...
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After tile backsplash...
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